Thursday, June 7, 2012

Samsung's Crowd Control and (Very) Pretty Pictures

Kudos to Samsung for its thoughtfully designed 55-in. OLED TV exhibit at this year's show. Of course, it would be hard to make a 55-in. OLED TV look bad, but what was great about this setup was how Samsung showed three of the panels in three different implementations, and also controlled the flow of onlookers – it can be difficult to get a good look at a popular product like this on the show floor.

As shown in the picture below, the viewing queue (helpfully delineated with arrows on the floor), moved behind a roped-off area from the dual-view (at right), to the 2D view (middle) and finally to the 3D view (left). Friendly attendants stood by to answer questions – or perhaps to wake you up in case you ended up transfixed by the more-luscious-than-life imagery on the screens.

The dual-view implementation allows two viewers to watch--and hear--completely different content on the same screen. Both 2D and 3D views were spectacular. --Jenny Donelan, Information Display


  1. Remember backlit LCDs? I could swear I noticed a few at the show.:) I think people even still use them, despite the overwhelming promise of OLED, which has been catnip to the media since 2003 and which remains largely a promise except for custom applications (like in defense sector, where budgets are looser) and as showpieces at trade shows. Like SID. At 10K a pop, I don't see this going beyond video professionals. Meanwhile, back in the real world, conventional LED backlights and edge-lit LED backlights still persist, clumsy as they may be. And they have all kinds of neat features, like touch, high brightness, affordability...

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