Thursday, June 7, 2012

LG Shows 4.5-inch AS3D Mobile Display Using Eye-Tracking

Beyond the groundbreaking 55-inch AMOLED TV shown in the LG booth, the company is also featuring a new 4.5-inch AS-3D display that uses eye tracking to deliver what it calls Viewing Angle Free 3D. Panel brightness/ resolution is 500cd/m2 /720 x 1280 in 2D and the display also delivers a 220 cd/m2 at 720 x 640 pixel image in AS-3D mode. The display prototype comes in a package with a camera mounted for eye-tracking /face detection, which LG Vice President BK Kim, head of the IT Mobile Development group, told us has less than 0.5% cross talk (center) and offers a viewing angle of 48-degrees in both h and v directions at a viewing distance of 30 to 35 cm.

Beyond this proof-of-concept prototype, the group plans to develop a 7- to 10-inch commercial display to target AS3D for the tablet market. Games are a natural fit, and the booth demo featured a compelling 3D game view that really showed off the technology. – Steve Sechrist

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