Thursday, June 7, 2012

Qualcomm Shows mirasol HD Color Display

At Display Week this year, Qualcomm showed off its latest mirasol display prototype, a ground breaking 4.3-inch module in 1280 x 720 (HD) resolution with a 343 ppi (retinal-class) display capable of full motion video (30Hz.)

mirasol’s director of engineering, Pavan Mulabagal told us the prototype device will be sampling soon to select OEM customers looking for color, outdoor readability, always-on functionality in a “green” package.

The high-density pixel configuration is in-line with the current trends moving toward retinal-class displays, found in just about all mobile display devices going forward. That, coupled with inherent low power and full motion video support, make the mirasol reflective technology “a perfect fit for the move to color e-book readers," Mulabagal noted.

The mirasol display technology took the Display of the Year Silver Award at Display Week for recognition of its bright sunlight readability and low battery power requirements. Qualcomm also recently made the MIT Technology Review’s 2012 TR50 List for commercial innovations most likely to change lives around the world. mirasol’s marketing director Elisabeth Eller told us that with commercial products using the Mmirasol display already shipping in Asia, the launch of this HD prototype brings the company to a key milestone in its march toward bringing this low-power, daylight readable display to the mainstream. – Steve Sechrist

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