Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Exciting E-paper Papers

In terms of e-paper, unlike last year's Display Week, this year it is not as much about prototypes on the floor as as it is about the sessions. There are numerous papers showing major gains in reflective brightness and greatly improved color. Fuji presented -- and demonstrated at author interviews with a 3-4 deep crowd of people -- a multi-color particle electrophoretic display that showed dramatically improved color. The paper was given by Hiji-san of Fuji, whom we have seen present innovative e-paper technologies for numerous years at Display Week. CMY color generation seems to be gaining momentum (HP, Ricoh, and now Fuji.)

Some further e-paper excitement later this week: HP's late-news paper (Thursday 2:30, 52.4) on electrokinetic technology has a provocative title: "Ultra-Low-Power Reflective Display with World’s Best Color". This will be interesting because what they will present is a 3-layer display using oxide-TFTs. – Jason Heikenfeld

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